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Window Cleaning Service

McGuire’s window cleaning services cover all your window cleaning needs.  We only use the best window cleaning supplies and have green cleaning products available on request. We promise to leave your windows shiny, bright, and streak-free!  Treat your home or office to a professional window cleaning.

Did you know that professionally cleaned windows will make your home look like new?

Clean windows give your mood, your home, and your office a face-lift. With McGuire’s cleaning technique and streak free shine, we ensure that your windows let in more sunlight for a happier and healthier indoor environment. * Having clean windows is also one of the most cost-effective methods to give your home a finished, polished look. It radiates an appearance of cleanliness and care. Regularly cleaned windows will also prevent mineral deposits and grime from staining your windows and damaging your home. * McGuire’s Cleaning Services is devoted to customer satisfaction and professional services. Our guaranteed high quality window cleaning will leave your windows and your home with a bright, long lasting shine. Did you know? Dirty windows take away from the beauty of your home.  The residue prevents natural sunlight from lighting up your house and showcasing your beautiful living area.  Screens collect residue and pollen, adding to allergies and dust.  This increases the risk of illness and germs spreading around your home and is harmful to the health of your loved ones. Windows are hard to reach, and therefore dangerous to clean.  Each year people try to save money by cleaning their windows, but due to mistakes and unprofessional training, sometimes accidents occur, leading to hospital bills and pain.  With our equipment and training, we will professionally clean your windows and save you money now.  So please, keep that shaky ladder in the garage and we’ll give you the time you need to start checking off your to-do list.
Benefits of McGuire’s Professional Window Cleaning: At McGuire’s, we value each home we service like we value our own home. We strive to make your windows sparkle and take the extra care and attention to make sure not only you are satisfied, but that we are as well. We carefully remove dust and pollen lurking on your windows in a manner that prevents them from dispersing and resettling on your windows within hours.

Feeling a bit down?

Sunlight is one of earth’s natural mood boosters!  Adequate doses of sunlight increase serotonin levels, paving the way for a healthier mood and a happier outlook.  So let us brighten your smile and your home by cleaning and shining your windows.

The McGuire Method:

Mother always told us to use some elbow grease.  We use that and a whole lot more! McGuire’s provides superior services with our professionally trained window cleaners to ensure the brightest shine throughout your house.  Our tools and equipment are specially designed to get us where you can’t, so we can clean to your satisfaction. From storm windows to skylights to your little office window, we clean it all with as much detail and care as if it were our own. Window cleaning can be a dangerous job. McGuire’s professionally trained staff undergoes rigorous training to ensure we can safely and effectively clean your windows for you so you don’t have to take a risk on a ladder and can save some time doing more important things like spending it with your family and friends or maybe reading that book you have been meaning to get to. Our window services include, but are not limited to: cleaning the interior and exterior, screens, storms, tracks and window sills. Call us today at 845-462-6422 / 845-223-7147 or Contact Us  for more information or fill out this form to receive a free window cleaning price quote. Let McGuire’s take care of all your window cleaning needs!  We will save you the trouble and leave you with a streak-free shine!

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