Cleaning Descriptions

House Cleaning Checklist

Your home is a highly personal space, so shouldn’t the way your home is cleaned be tailored to your needs? Each and every cleaning performed by McGuire’s Cleaning Service begins with a custom work order that our business owner Karen McGuire will work with you to create.

Whether you are looking for a one-time deep cleaning, or if you are interested in ongoing services, your first cleaning service as a McGuire’s client will be our Top-to-bottom deep cleaning to get all areas of your home to a maintenance level. Should you wish to continue services on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, smaller maintenance cleanings will keep your home looking its very best.

Top to Bottom Cleanings

At McGuire’s Cleaning Service our signature deep cleaning we refer to as “Top-to-bottom” cleanings. Top-to-bottom cleanings are just that, our skilled cleaning technicians clean each room from ceiling fans to baseboards and everything in between! These highly customizable cleanings are performed at our hourly rate, and ensure you are only paying for the time your team spends cleaning your home.

Ongoing Maintenance Cleanings

Ongoing maintenance cleanings take place after you have had your Top-to-bottom cleaning, with the goal of maintaining the deep cleaning achieved at your first service.

Ongoing cleanings are also highly customizable, and can be adapted to suit your budget. For instance, maybe you have guest rooms that are rarely used. We offer the option of alternating “half house” and “full house” cleanings so that these rooms are cleaned every other visit while heavily used rooms like your kitchen and baths would be cleaned each time.

There are standard items that happen in each and every room, and then there are particular items that are cleaned based on the type of room, and lastly we have special add-on items that can be added to any cleaning by request.

Standard Cleaning Tasks

In every single room a McGuire’s Cleaning technician will:

Cleaning Task Top-to-Bottom Cleaning Ongoing Maintenance Cleaning
Dust blinds
Dust light fixtures
Switch plates cleaned and sanitized
Empty any wastebaskets
Mirrors cleaned
Dust all furniture top-to-bottom
Hand-wipe and sanitize all flat surfaces
Remove any cobwebs
Dust ceiling fans
Dust all window sills, ledges and frames
Dust all door frames, inlets and tops of door
Sliding glass door cleaned
Door knobs sanitized
Dust all picture frames, lamps and light fixtures including lampshades
Wipe baseboard moldings by hand
Vacuum all readily accessible floors
Clean hard surface floors (vacuumed and damp mopped)


Room Specific Maintenance Tasks

In addition to the above general cleaning tasks, we also have room specific tasks:


Kitchen Cleaning Task Included Optional Add-on
Table and chairs cleaned top-to-bottom
All appliance exteriors cleaned and shined
Fixtures cleaned and sanitized
Top of refrigerator cleaned
Window over sink spot checked
Interior of the oven
Interior of the refrigerator
Cabinet exteriors thoroughly wiped down ✓(Top-to-Bottom Cleanings only)
Cabinet interiors thoroughly wiped out


Bathroom Cleaning Task Included Optional Add-on
Sink, tub, shower & tile thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
Vanity side and countertop cleaned
Tile ledge cleaned
Toilet scrubbed and sanitized inside, outside and behind
Floor vacuumed then hand-wiped

Dining Room

Dining Room Cleaning Task Included Optional Add-on
Table and chairs cleaned top-to-bottom
Carpet thoroughly vacuumed, paying attention to crevices
All floors swept, vacuumed and mopped including underneath furniture (if accessible)
Remove and dust items in a hutch or china cabinet

Living Room/Family Room/Office/Den

Living Room/Family Room/Office/Den Cleaning Task Included Optional Add-on
All floors swept, vacuumed and mopped including underneath furniture (if accessible)
Sofa and chair cushions straightened and fluffed
Fold throws
Straighten magazines
Upholstery vacuumed

Stairs, Halls & Foyer Items

Stairs, Halls & Foyer Cleaning Task Included Optional Add-on
Front door wiped
Banister spindles fully dusted
Stairs vacuumed, swept and wiped by hand

Bedrooms Standard Items

Bedroom Task Included Optional Add-on
Bed straightened/made if needed
Under bed cleaned (if accessible)
Fold throws
Change sheets