Tile & Grout Cleaning

Over time tile surfaces can build up some unsightly residue.  Because tiles are porous, they can capture and hold on to bacteria, grime and mold for extended periods of time.  Standard household cleaners simply won’t do a thorough job.  From outdoor tile collecting mold and moss to indoor floor, counters and bathrooms: cleaning your tile and grout can be a difficult, back-straining process.  Often times, no matter how much you mop, scrub, and scrape, you just can’t get out that layer of dirt and grime.

Without the professional materials and equipment or the extensive training, it can be impossible for homeowners to effectively clean their stained grout and tile.  McGuire’s offers tile cleaning and grout cleaning services.  Let McGuire’s professional cleaners alleviate this stress by taking on the challenge of this dirty job.  Our extensively trained staff removes dirt and grime through an extensive extraction cleaning system.  We combine the use of heat, specific cleaning agents, vacuuming, and a high pressure rinse to get your tile and grout looking beautiful with its fresh and clean appearance.

Having your tile and grout professionally sealed will both protect and provide a lasting clean.  Tile and Grout Cleaning Services are available for residential and commercial properties.

The Importance of  Having Your Tile Floor Sealed:

Sealing the grout in floors, counters (even walls too!)

is the only way to protect your investment from water-based and/or oil-based stains.  A sealer prevents a spill from penetrating into the porous surface of the grout, and gives you time to clean it up.  Plus, clean-ups are a snap! Simply blot fresh spills with a clean cloth or paper towel.  The seal continues to protect, even after repeated cleanings.

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