Office Cleaning Service

McGuire’s Cleaning Service offers commercial cleaning services to keep your office(s) tidy and neat! Since 1998, we’ve been the premiere office cleaning company in the Hudson Valley. You, your employees and your clients will reap the benefits of using our office cleaning services to keep your workspace looking clean and presentable.

Keeping a clean work place is essential for productivity, especially if your staff falls ill from dust, dirt, grime, they lose time from the office itself.  Let McGuire’s Cleaning Service take care of your commercial cleaning needs making it a cleaner, healthier environment for all.  We also provide other cleaning services such as office carpet cleaning, office window cleaning, office deep cleaning, and more!

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 Office Cleaning

*All carpets and floors vacuumed and mopped
*All windows and glass spot checked and cleaned for fingerprints
*Office furniture dusted and hand wiped clean
*Doors, walls and door frames are cleaned of all smudges and marks
*Wastebaskets emptied, bags replaced, outside and top sanitized
*Baseboards are always hand wiped clean
*Objects and appliances wiped and dusted
*Restrooms thoroughly cleaned
*Toilets disinfected and wiped down, inside and out
*Floors mopped with disinfectant and rinsed
*Sinks, faucets, counters and appliances disinfected and hand wiped clean
*Mirrors, light fixtures, and partitions cleaned
*Paper Towels, toilet paper and soap refilled
*Walls, fixtures, stalls, and moldings wiped and cleaned
*Elevators cleaned of smudges and marks


Carpet Cleaning maintenance can be added to any package!
Clean Streak Free Windows are important for the look of any office or commercial building