Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-construction clean-up is an essential part of the building process.​ The work does not end once a project has been completed. Once all of the construction workers have packed up all their equipment and all their supplies, a thorough cleaning is needed in the area(s) of construction. Disposal of construction material residue and cleaning walls, floors, and windows are just some of the tasks that need to be completed and taken seriously. 

Post-construction clean-up is not something construction workers are trained or skilled in. Using experienced professionals saves you time and headaches! Many times, construction workers fail to cover up the windows or seal off certain areas. In this case, dust and debris finds its way into the tiniest crevices and into hidden corners you wouldn’t ordinarily notice. Our team takes the extra time and effort to get into these hard-to-reach places, and works their magic until even the smallest crack is left spotless.

Often times, p​ost-construction clean-up involves window cleaning. Windows attract finger prints, dust, dirt, and debris in between the sills, tracks, creases, and crevices. At McGuire’s, we carry the special tools, equipment, and training needed to effectively make your windows the kind of clean that’s crystal clear. We take our knowledge of window cleaning and meticulously apply it to your windows as if they were our very own. With McGuire’s window cleaning professionals, it’ll be as if your windows have never even experienced a construction environment in the first place!

​​It is crucial that only a company with post-construction clean-up experience be used. Otherwise, the job may not be completed according to code as well as the contractor’s client, which can be challenging, if you don’t hire the right company. Special cleaning products, equipment, and methods are required to ensure the thoroughness meets everyone’s standards.

The cleaning staff at McGuire’s are thoroughly trained in post-construction clean-up, and have employees with 30 years of experience behind them. Not only is a preliminary on-site inspection executed before hand, but an additional post-cleanup inspection is done personally by the owner to ensure that the crew has left the designated area completely spotless and to McGuire’s high standards.

“McGuire’s Cleaning Service has been doing my post-construction clean-ups for 6 years now. Everything is done and handled in a very professional manner. They return my calls immediately, and are very nice people to deal with. I have never–ever–had a callback from an unhappy client.” ~Kevin D. Hudson View Construction

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​At McGuire’s, our staff is skilled in all of this, and more. We are dedicated to detail; ensuring we always do a  thorough job. We handle everything in a professional manner; always making sure our customers are happy and feel good about our services. We are experienced; with staff trained in our high standards and with years of experience behind many of them. We are reliable; you can count on us to do get the job done, and get it done right. We are trustworthy; you’ll feel comfortable letting us come into your home or property to service you.

Each post-construction clean-up serviced by McGuire’s is done from the very top, to the very bottom, and all completely by hand. Our cleaners are trained to remove ALL dust on EVERY surface–especially those even small traces of dust hiding in those little nooks and crannies. Because everything is done by hand, nothing is missed and all is meticulously cleaned, down to every last detail.

​Details! Details! Details!

Experience is Essential